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Suggest a fast growing dwarf evergreen edge for partial/full shade

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb


I want a evergreen dwarf edge for 3 sides of my square front lawn facing North East.

1 side is partial to full sun
(North West . Full sun in summer otherwise partial shade)
1 side is partial to full shade
(South East side with a 3 feet fence blocking morning sun. Only get late afternoon sun)
1 side is full shade (next to house wall)

I have a slighly alkaline soil which is sort of clay.

Now Common Box is probably a straight answer; but I am looking for something that will grow faster than box and need to have max height of less that 2 feet so that it does not need constant trimming inspite of being a fast grower.

Any suggestions?




How about Teucrium chamaedrys. This is an evergreen plant that reponds well to trimming and has purply/pink flowers in summer. It grows in sun or shade and the bees love the flowers. Max height about 18 inches. Easy from cuttings so buy one plant and propagate a hedgeful!

15 Nov, 2010


An impossible order - any plant noted for rapid growth is always a giant or large plant eventually. For an evergreen, formal hedge that size, your only choices really are Buxus 'suffruticosa' or Euonymus microphyllus

15 Nov, 2010


I would have suggested prunus lusitanica, planted at 18in. stations, using plants that are approx 2ft. tall. Although ultimately it can be a very big shrub, it could conceivably be kept at 2 to 2and a half feet, but would need clipping twice a year after the first year. As Bamboo says, box is best, and it isn't that slow. I'd start with good sized plants, approx 2ft tall, 18in across. I've just sourced some that size at under £15 each, local to me, for box 'cubes' on a slate terrace. They'd be the best. Phil

15 Nov, 2010


Hi Jeff,

It's a pity you don't live close to me ( Wisbech/Kings Lynn area)

There's a huge wholesale plant and shrub nursery nearby that has a wide range of plants at very low prices. I bought some lovel vareigated hollies there in Spring ( about 3 feet tall and 18 inches wide) for £4.50.

I also got some really good quality 6 foot tall 18 inch wide pyracantha for £5.50p.

They seem very relaxed about quantities. I call in occasionally and unlike most wholesal nurseries they don't have minium purchase levels. Usually I'll buy 3 or 4 different shrubs for my customers.

Many of their 2 litre shrubscost about £2 each and they're quite a decent size.

15 Nov, 2010


Thanks Guys,

Looked at Teucrium chamaedrys. Liked it and I would use it somewhere else in my garden at some point.

Seems Buxus suffruticosa is the only way to go for my needs.

How easy it is to propogate?
I need to cover about 20 feet edge.


17 Nov, 2010

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