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I've had Nerines in pots and in the garden (poor, dry soil in full sun) for years, but they have never flowered well. I've seen others locally that look fantastic at the moment. How do I encourage them to flower better for me?



Maybe they are planted too deeply. Nerines like to have their 'noses' poking above the soil. They also hate being overshadowed by other plants, so make sure they are in sun all the time.

15 Nov, 2010


And they like to be crowded together.

15 Nov, 2010


They OUGHT to be crowded after all this time, Beattie, but I'll try stuffing some back into a pot next!
I think Volunteer may have the answer - too deep. And I've probably just done the same to my garlic (sigh).
Thanks to both of you for your help - gives me something else to try!

15 Nov, 2010


I am lead to believe that they don't like to be moved either...

16 Nov, 2010


I have a tight group of Nerines in the ground. They have flowered well over the years, but best of all this year. Some of them are literally perched on top of the soil now. I didn't plant deep but they seem to have crowded themselves upwards. The ones in a pot don't bloom so well but are at their best at the moment, more flowers than ever before. They are up on the soil too. Try a bit of TLC with liquid fertiliser. I did that with the pot ones after no flowers last year and they have performed well

16 Nov, 2010


As Dorjac has discovered, they will eventually work their way up to the proper depth, but it can take more than 5 years to do it. I did the same thing with som Lycoris bulbs decades ago, and they did finally start to blom after 7 years.

17 Nov, 2010


I have realised (only this morning) what I have inadvertently been doing for years.
The Nerines are on the front of a border. When the soil inevitably falls down to the edge of the lawn, I have been digging it up and throwing it back. As fast as the poor things struggle to the top, I have been burying them!
Thanks to everyone for your help.

17 Nov, 2010


I found this thread when wondering how to resuscitate my non flowering nerines (beautiful leaves though) and nurture the new ones I've put in this year.
Any particular feed / when to use it? Do they like a lot of water?

Many thanks,


2 Apr, 2011


I'm not too sure I can help Arad. I just planted mine close together in a fairly sunny spot and not too deep and ignored them til they flowered. I chuck a bit of slow release fertilizer round the garden in spring and that's it.

2 Apr, 2011


Tug...I've bought some Lycoris bulbs and am ready to plant them (in pots). Would you have any tips?

2 Apr, 2011


I generally use whatever fertiliser comes to hand. Strange how some bulbs burrow further blue bells.... and others come up to the surface. Oh the wonders of nature!

4 Apr, 2011

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