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i live in staffordshire, my garden is 80% south facing. It has started to be quite frosty the last couple of mornings now. Does anyone recommend wrapping/covering plants now to protect them. i would be grateful of a list of what members advise to protect more than others. :)



Put temporary covers over the tender plants as the weather will change from day to day, large sheets of newspaper will protect most plants down to -3C. If you wrap your plants up for the winter, in mild spells they will start to develop new growth. If you use newspaper and it gets wet or blows off you will know it's not been frosty and you can put the wet paper on the compost heap.

16 Nov, 2010


In longer spells of frosty weather, or more severe frosts I use fleece over those cane hoops you can get, fastened on with clothes pegs. I don't leave the fleece on all the time, as Docbob says.

What do I cover? Lophomyrtus, Loropetalum chinense, a rather vulnerable Hebe, and this year, probably my new-ish Polygala myrtifolia. I might also fleece a new Vitex-agnus, as it won't have got its roots down properly yet, although I've mulched round it well.

16 Nov, 2010


i always use electric tape and tape the leaves if apropriate over the growing tip with some straw inside . i then fleece but if i can i leave some leafs sticking out so they can still photosynthasise on the sunny bright days . last years leave are nearly always lost in the next summer anyway . it works for me but im sure everyone has there own ways . i use electric tape for a lot of tying as you can get it any colour and it has plenty of give and under enough presure it splits rather than strangling the plant .you can get green to hide something your not going back to or something very bright for something your tying temperarely so you can find it easy .

16 Nov, 2010


In the south and west, not necessary to protect most plants, unless you know you have some not fully hardy ones, such as Cordyline, though even they get through most winters (but not last year's, generally). So it rather depends which plants you have,and how long they've been in the ground as to whether they need protection or not. Some plants are better planted out in Spring because they're vulnerable when young - Ceanothus, Cistus would be examples of those which are best not planted in autumn, particularly where you are.

16 Nov, 2010


I agree Bamboo about location. Here in the South East I dont protect much at all, I move pots to protect them and a couple of Fuchsia in pots but plants I just let them cope.

16 Nov, 2010

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