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Has anybody ever used rooting gel instead of powder and which would be better.



I did try it. I found that 'bits' dropped into it, and it was difficult to get them out, and the top surface went mouldy rather soon! I went back to powder after that.

16 Nov, 2010


Yes, and you can only really use it once and the container is too small!

16 Nov, 2010


I have tried both and now don't use any rooting aid. I can't say that there is any difference in my success/failure rate whichever way I go.

16 Nov, 2010


I've never used gel but did use powder until one day I found I hadn't any, took cuttings anyway and didn't notice any difference.

16 Nov, 2010


have tried both but prefered the powder, but like most comments here I rarely use it now as it has a very short shelf-life. [discovered this during a uni bioassay activity!]

16 Nov, 2010


Hi, yes I agree with SBG its shelf life is rather short, so I personally dont bother with it any more. As for the gel haven't had a lot of success with that

18 Nov, 2010


Agree with those who prefer powder. The gel really stinks too!

19 Nov, 2010

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