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Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

MOSS. Please can anyone help. How can I remove moss from my garden path, which is on a slope and is becoming dangerous. I have sprinkled silver sand and builders sand . But to no avail.



The main reason that there is moss is that the path is shady or damp or both. Probably nothing you can do about that, but there are moss killers available to get rid of the current 'infestation'. But the problem will recur, so probably best to keep the path well swept ( a rolling stone...and all that!) or possibly level the path by terrracing/stepping it? Or try fixing chicken wire firmly and flatly over the path (depends what it's made of though. Or how about a hand rail down the side?

17 Nov, 2010


Thank you Volunteer. I will go and buy some moss killer and some chicken wire.

17 Nov, 2010


There's a product called Armillatox that you can spray on. It smells like Jeyes Fluid and the smell lingers, but it does kill the moss, eventually. Don't let the spray run onto anything you want to keep. You'll probably want to brush the dead moss off the path as well, in which case, just brushing it off regularly will work just as well.

I've tried chicken wire on decking and it rusted quite quickly and became a trip hazard.

17 Nov, 2010


I use Armillatox too it stinks but in just over a week the moss is dead and then just twice a year seems to control it. Can you let more light on to your path? as that is the best way?

17 Nov, 2010


There is a product available in most garden centres called Algon which is organic and keeps working for months once applied. It kills moss and gets rid of slime.The moss is killed within days and the slippy surface gradually clears so be patient. It is cheaper than Armillatox, does not smell nearly so bad and is easier to apply.

21 Nov, 2010


Sorry Janpled - I didnt buy Algon as its £29.99 a bottle where as Armillatox is under £8 and that lasts me a whole year. I prefer to use what I buy rather than have it what's left sitting in the shed. So I do not agree that it is cheaper?
Armillatox consists of a blend of phenols emulsified in a vegetable oil soap and is completely biodegradable and is the only disinfectant to be effective against the dog roundworm Toxocara canis although I dont have a dog

21 Nov, 2010

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