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Is there a way to prune ornamental cabbage in order to control it from growing so tall? I am wanting to make a container garden and keep it loking nice.

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Not that I am aware of as it is the growing top that produces the ornamental effect.

17 Nov, 2010


If you use these, count on their maximum attractive life span being about 2-3 months tops.

17 Nov, 2010


Thank you so much. I appreciate your help. With all the information I have learned from this websight, I cannot be a quitter ;) This morning I found some information I plan on trying. It said you can transplant ornamental cabbage/kale. 'Before transplanting, remove tatty bottom leaves. Plant into the ground so that the crown of the leaves is flush with the soil surface (roots will grow along the burried stem).' Since I'm wanting to make a container garden for the holidays, I think using kale/cabbage along with some trailing pansys will look good together. I haven't decided what to use for the thriller, maybe some sort of evergreen. I live in zone 6/7 which gives me a little more time to get it all together. Another thought is to let the kale grow into the thriller and use something else for the filler as the plants progress.

20 Nov, 2010


If you do that, make sure the soil is very well drained, or the stem will rot. If you use a heavy compost for water retention, then plant it in a little pit, and fill in around the stem with grit.

21 Nov, 2010

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