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will cone flowers grow in South Florida..Just love them



If you mean Echinacea, I'm not sure - they're native to Eastern USA, if that helps at all

17 Nov, 2010


Cone flower suggests Rudbeckia to me? Might be wrong. Thats the trouble with common names isn't it. Some plants can have many common names...

17 Nov, 2010


Round here, Fractal, it generally means Echinacea, but I've also heard it applied to Rudbeckia - my Readers Digest Plant Encyclopaedia lists Coneflower as Echinacea though.

19 Nov, 2010


Quite true :)

19 Nov, 2010


Rudbeckias should do fine in S. Florida--a few species may become weedy--but Echinaceas will probably work best as a winter annual, like they do here in the subtropical desert. Temps over 90 degrees and high humidity bother them.

21 Nov, 2010

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