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By Ismeval

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom Gb

My son brought these berries and leaves round for me as he knows I like to grow stuff from berries etc .... I am not exactly sure what it is - can anyonbe helpplease - I have put a 50p piece in the picture to give some idea of size - by the way - it was from a large tree ... Val




they are a cotoneaster, but i'm not sure which one. they are relatively easy to grow to. enjoy.

17 Nov, 2010


I won't object to cotoneaster for this one. We have one similar and I call it a 'tree cotoneaster'!

17 Nov, 2010


Cotoneaster frigidus 'cornubia' I reckon - gets about 20 feet, tree like.

17 Nov, 2010


Agree, it's either the one Bamboo suggests or a near identical one called C. salicifolius.

17 Nov, 2010


Thanks folks - didn't reckon on that - can I still plant the berries do you think ?

18 Nov, 2010


Squeeze the seeds gently out of the berries (2-5 per berry) and sow these, not the whole berry. If you sow the whole berry, the flesh would rot potentially causing problems for the seedlings. Let them chill outdoors in cold frame through the winter after sowing in seed compost. Rodents are a problem eating seeds so close frame at night. They need this cold chill (stratification) to break dormancy or they will not germinate. Sow just below the surface with a covering of course grit over the top to stop moss/algae/liverwort swamping them.

18 Nov, 2010

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