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By Carjam

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Folks, my grand-daughter, has grown a apple tree from a pip, it now 4-5 yrs old, about 4ft high, can anyone tell us, if and when, it will flower????



Usually takes between 5 to 7 years for a pip to grow to flowering size. Do not be disappointed, as the apples are likely to be small and bitter. The Apple is reckoned to be the plant most capable of variation from seed in the whole plant kingdom. Every pip sown may grow into a different form of apple. She may be lucky, people have found new and good varieties this way.

18 Nov, 2010


A great way to get kids to understand the effort that goes into producing all the fruit and veg in the supermarket! Now try her with something else!

19 Nov, 2010


Yes, indeed! Try an avocado seed. They are great fun! I've also had success with clementine, and Pineapple is a great one to go for as well! Oh, how I look forward to the day I have a grandchild!!.....I do hope I get one!! :)) Enjoy!

19 Nov, 2010

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