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How many degrees of frost will spring bulbs take? I am planting muscari, narcissi, crocus and tulips into plastic pots. I am tying coarse green hanging basket felt around the outside of them (looks more attractive than the plastic). And then an inch layer of decorative bark on top. The reason is that I am short of ceramic pots this year. Will the bulbs in pots like this survive penetrating severe frosts, say down to minus seven? Or should I also wrap two layers of bubble wrap around each pot, and then the green felt around that? Advice would be much appreciated. (I planted a few tulips in a lawn last year, only a finger deep, and even they came through).



Most bulbs will stand the pots freezing sold for a while, Johnathon. We had -15 for the best part of a month last winter! I find narcissus to be the most vulnerableso you might want to give them a little more attention, if you feel like it.

18 Nov, 2010


I will do so then. We haven't had any frost at all yet here in the south. It has ben so mild, I still have begonias in bloom. I expect it is just around the corner though. I have some rather exquisite and expensive miniature narcissi this year which I wouldn't want to lose.

18 Nov, 2010


Johnathan, if these are the bulbocodium type of narcissus then they might need protection. We have lost many of these over the years due to freezing in the greenhouse. Now that we have a new front porch/conservatory I intend to put the in there when the hard weather hits (next week?) with a frost-stat heater.

18 Nov, 2010


No, they are not in fact. I did try to obtain some Bulbocodium but Broadleigh had run out. They are Midget, Small Talk, Jenny, Thalia. ... I have some Rijnveldts Early Sensation also. I grew it a couple of years ago. It was supposed to flower Jan-Feb, but didn't until March or April. Any idea why?

18 Nov, 2010


I don't know that last one, so no. The others should be OK in the cold. We grow them and similar in the open.

18 Nov, 2010


There are only five entries on GOY today. Virtually no-one is using it. No nothing, no nothing, no nothing No-vember. Everything in the garden is DEAD. Nothing growing, no-one gardening, no-one asking questions. Hanging up our trowels.

18 Nov, 2010


I grow bulbs in hanging baskets over winter Jonathan did you plant yours later? My basket/container ones were put in at the beginning of October. I have been gardening today so late coming on here, its still quite mild but very wet underfoot but I got a lot done.

18 Nov, 2010


I think that we are all hibernating!-- its so foggy here the birds need a fog lamp on their heads to find the birdtable :o))) hope you are well and keeping away from the nasty colds and flu about at the minute
I've got some plants flowering indoors, a beautiful christmas cactus that is completly covered in flowers and -- with Spritz's help--growing orchids an persuading them to come into flower again! at least I can see them !!
Pam xxx

19 Nov, 2010


We haven't had a bad day here,quite mild..but just got 2 bags of Rock salt from the Garden centre today,on offer...not that I am pessimistic,of course...but better to have them before the proverbial horse has bolted !!
The 2 stems on my orchid,have just lost the last of their flowers today Pam,but they have been in flower since June..The good news is,a new one has shot up to about 12" in no time,so will be in flower by xmas again..:o)).This seems to be its regular pattern now,and have had it 6 years...Glad yours is doing well too ..

20 Nov, 2010


We have lots of spring bulbs in our garden, mainly bluebells and dafs, we had a very long cold winter here... down to -23c for a couple of weeks, most of the winter was below freezing during the day but the bulbs survived and gave a good show once the spring eventually arrived in late April.

21 Nov, 2010


That is very heatening to hear Cotgoe. I only have to cope with minus 7 at most ever. Yes, mine went in very late Drc726, mid Nov mostly.

23 Nov, 2010

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