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I have a plant that looks just like curly Kale but is red, this was sold to me as calabrese, which I thought was a brocolli. Is it just red curly kale



Hi Norman and welcome to GoY, a photo would be very helpful but it could be red Russian kale... Take a look at

Calabrese has larger firmer heads than sprouting broccoli - in fact looks more like a cauliflower!

21 Nov, 2010


There is a red curly kale that is widely grown both for eating and as an ornamental. I can't remember the name of the variety but most of the seed companies sell it. Has a slightly different taste to the green kale, rather like red cabbage tastes different (better?) to green. If you can overwinter it, it should send up lots of tasty young shoots in the spring and you can even eat the immature flowerbuds like it was sprouting broccoli.

22 Nov, 2010


Sorry it is over a year on, but I could not find a way back to this site, I'm very forgetful amongst totally unorganised, but thanks to eevery one that gave an answer.

24 Jan, 2012

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