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I bought a house that has two beautiful pear trees in back. They flower in the Spring and the leaves turn beautiful colors in mid-late fall, but they grow these tiny little pea-sized pears. What type of pear trees are they?



I am not familiar with US plants etc, but you will find that you stand a good chance of a more knowledgeable member of GOY identifying the pear if you can attach a photo to your question, or get someone to help you?
Just ask the same q a second time with a photo if that turns out to be easier...

21 Nov, 2010


This is in the USA - I think you might have ornamental Trees try looking up The Redspire Flowering Pear, 'Pyrus calleryana "Redspire", it produces large white flowers in early spring. The leaves emerge as red/purple and then turn glossy green with a red tinge and yellowy orange color in autumn. It develops small, pea sized reddish fruits that are attractive to wildlife. The fruits are quite persistent and may hang for months. Or if the flowers are even larger look up Bradford or Aristocrat flowering pears?

21 Nov, 2010


Definitely sounds like some variety of Pyrus calleryana--there are quite a few that meet that description. Nice ornamental trees, but the fruit is strictly for the birds.

22 Nov, 2010

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