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I just bought the most beautiful weeping burch tree, only grows 10 ft. It is VERY willowy. I plan to keep it in a Large pot because of the size of my yard (small). Does anyone see a problem with that? I don't want to hurt it.



Well part of that depends on how large the pot actually is. I wouldn't keep it in any thing less than 2 ft. wide by 2 ft deep, and 3 ft. would be better.

Part also depends on your climate. Hot, dry summers, especially with Santa Ana winds, will make it difficult to keep it hydrated, and could lead to brown edges on all the leaves. Very cold winters--Sunset zone 2A or colder--could mean the roots freezing in the pot.

Otherwise, it should work fine, as long as you keep it watered and fed regularly.

22 Nov, 2010


you are talking bonzei ing the tree in the end so best you look in that direction i thi9nk . just get the biggest pots you can get rely i think .

22 Nov, 2010


Thanks so much, I will find the roomiest planter. The Santa Anas are harsh but the winters are not and I do keep an eye on watering.

Yes, this tree looks Bonsaish...I will send pictures after locating the perfect pot for him!

Thanks again to both of you!!

23 Nov, 2010


your more than welcome bebehart .

23 Nov, 2010

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