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Ive an indoor large flowereing cyclamen. It DID flower for months last year but since repotting after flowering it has grown enormous leaves but no flowers, some leaves brown + crinkly round edges. It is well watered in cool spot.



Not easy to keep these going and back into flower. May be too dry or moist. Too warm, or may have grubs nibbling the roots. This is one of those house plants that is usually discarded and bought again off professionals who have the right conditions to get them flowering profusely.

22 Nov, 2010


I put mine outdoors in summer and only bring in as the weather gets cold. I have a trough of 6 cyclamen that I planted up in August 2009 as a demonstration. It was kept in the, enclosed, front porch or even hall way last winter and put out in summer. They are now in flower again and it is sitting just outside my office window as is brought in when there is danger of frost. They really don't like our overheated houses...

22 Nov, 2010


Well I have one that is getting on for 25 yrs and it flowers every year. the crinkly edges suggests it might be too dry. water from the bottom but dont let it stand in water. you can improve the humidity by putting it on a tray of pebbles that are kept wet.

22 Nov, 2010


Large leaves and lack of flowers may also mean not enough light. I would put it right in a window with an open north exposure, or maybe even an east window. South or west facing windows may give it a little too much sun, as well as being likely to be too warm.

23 Nov, 2010

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