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how lookafter this ficus exotica



This page might help, Aman:

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23 Nov, 2010


Average warmth, minimum 55 deg F in winter. Brightly lit spot, but out of direct sun, particularly in summer. Let the compost dry out between waterings, but not so that it goes hard and shrinks away from the sides of the pot - usually works out it needs a good water after 7/10 days if in a large pot, when the top of the compost is dry. Empty any tray or outer pot the plant is standing in 30 minutes after watering, do not allow to stand in water. Prefers tepid water. Stand away from heat sources such as radiators, and keep out of draughts - a position between a window and door is not good if the window is often open. Their biggest hate is draughts and sudden changes of temperature. Expect some noticeable, but not excessive, leaf loss in spring and autumn, as the seasons change over.

23 Nov, 2010

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