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By Pamg

east midlands, United Kingdom Gb

pink calla lily Zantedecshia rehmanii, I bought it in the end of season sale, pretty plant with small pink flowers, these have now gone to seed as the leaves have died back does anyone know how to propagate the seed-- do i plant them now and give them a period of cold or leave them until spring and use the heated propagator



Usual means of propagating this plant is by division of the rhizomes in spring, can't find any info about growing from seed, Pamg. I doubt your plant is actually dead - should be indoors for the winter, so treat as a houseplant and it should revive.
Ignore that, done a bit of research - it should be dormant between autumn and winter, needs to be kept at 10-15 deg C during that time. Starts into growth next spring, or should do...

23 Nov, 2010


thanks Bamboo , I'll look after the plant as you say---but I can't resist planting the seed so maybe as ive 3 seed heads i'll do both ways!!

23 Nov, 2010


Yep, why not, though probably best attempted in Spring, I think.

23 Nov, 2010


I think you are probably right-- last year I got Magnolia seed to germinate and have some cordyline in now but these being from warmer climes may need all the heat they can get!

23 Nov, 2010

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