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By Cmelse

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Do camelias attract blowflies, if so why?



Can't say I've observed that they do.

23 Nov, 2010


Only if something has died in it!!

23 Nov, 2010


What an odd question Cmelse - would you like to expand on it. Why would a Camellia attract blowflies there is nothing in our about the tree that would cause it to do so.

23 Nov, 2010


volunteer is right . when flies lay eggs in things they say the item has been blown . blow flies actualy dont wate for things to die before they lay there eggs unusuely on living things so definatly not atracted to a tree i wouldnt of thaught .a lot of flies do look similer to each other and there are a lot of flies that like pollen . theres also lots of types of blow flie . i just wonderd how you knew they are blow flies realy please ?

24 Nov, 2010

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