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I have a carniverous sundew but no flys around for it to feed on. How often should I feed it and what ie raw or cooked meat.



If it has been feeding on flies all summer it can stand a few months without. The web is full of conflicting info. as to whether you should 'feed' you sundew or not.

24 Nov, 2010


it's the dormant season so no feeding required & never cooked meat. Keep just moist if indoors & use rain water, tap water is poison to all carniverous plants.

24 Nov, 2010


It wont need feeding at this time of year. In the wild they also go 'dormant' and there are few flies about too. so dont worry. Most carnivorous plants dont get a regular feed in the wild and they succeed. Bampy is correct dont use tap water, rain water if you can or failing that distilled water.

24 Nov, 2010


If you can't catch bugs for it, raw ground chicken or turkey is the next best thing. Only needed if it's indoors or in a heated greenhouse, though.

25 Nov, 2010


Thanks Everyone, that is very helpfull.

25 Nov, 2010


Hi Catriona, my understanding is that feeding meat to a Sundew is a quick way to kill it with nutrient overload.

Feeding upon insects is only a supplemental source of nutrients for any "domesticated" Drosera, and (depending on exactly what yours in growing in) may not be necessary at all.

The plants should be dormant at this time of the year so definitely shouldn't receive supplemental feed, but even when in active growth they are best fed on invertebrates - you can always catch ants etc. for yours if you're so minded!

30 Nov, 2010

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