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Thanks very much I will do that - it's not ormanmental type so should flower again - should I put bubble wrap over the leaves and stems too?



Hi Argentaangel! It would have been better if you had added this comment and additional question onto one of the original questions you asked yesterday about your hydrangea. Anyone who had answered you would get a notification that there's more to read on it and it would keep all the comments and answers on one topic together.

Sorry I don't know whether you should wrap the leaves as well. I only grow hydrangeas in the ground and don't wrap anything.

26 Nov, 2010


If its an ordinary hydrangea, just in a pot, you don't need to bubblewrap the stems as well, just the pot. I can't remember what Spritz told you now, but move the pot to a sheltered spot, say against the house wall, out of north/east winds.

26 Nov, 2010


It's never a good idea to use bubble wrap round plants, as they need to 'breathe'. Use horticultural fleece - a double or even quadruple layer, depending on how cold it is and how vulnerable the plant is, if it can't be taken under glass for any reason.

Keep the bubble wrap for around pots, including your hydrangea! The idea is to stop the rootball from freezing, and a terracotta pot from cracking.

26 Nov, 2010

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