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I have a large number of plants in plastic pots I have not been able to get into the ground now it is frozen. Please could you tell me how to protect these plants outside exposed to the elements?



If there's lots of pots, with difficulty, particularly if they're small, unless you have a frost free but not heated place to stand them, like a greenhouse or a shed with lots of light. The risk is that the pots will freeze, thus destroying the root systems of any plants in them if they stay frozen for longer than about 8 days. Only thing you can do is to huddle them together against a wall, preferably a house wall, in a southfacing position, out of cold winds, and cover with fleece, or arrange a makeshift plastic greenhouse.

27 Nov, 2010


It also depends on what sort of plants they are. I overwinter about 1000 perennials and a small number of conifers outdoors in 1 litre pots and they survive no problem. I've learned from bitter experience which plants can cope with this and which need protection over 22 years as a nurseryman.

27 Nov, 2010


Try going onto eBay and buy a 4 tier mini greenhouse that would help also buy a fleece to go with it you will properly get the lot for about £20/25

27 Nov, 2010


It is surprising how much cold plants will tolerate. Like Anchorman we have a few hundred perenials outside in plastic pots. The most sensitive are in the greenhouse covered by a fleece, the next vulnerable have glass covers over them to keep them from getting too wet and the rest just sit there. There will be a few losses but most will survive OK (fingers X'd) even though the compost may be frozen solid for a few weeks.

27 Nov, 2010

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