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hello I am currently doing an project within the nursery I work. I am thinking about doing a fruit and vegetable garden with the children where they can grow, look after and eat their own vegetables as part of the early years setting status. I was wondering what fruit and vegetables are the best and easiest to grow? as we are a term time only nursery, so there will be times when not much care can be given to the plants. please could you give me some ideas of what i could grow.
thank you Donna



Hi Donna and welcome to GoY. Copy and paste the link below into your web browser this was set up by Garden Organic with the school year in mind.

It will take a little while to load as it is a large pdf

28 Nov, 2010


By growing potatoes in bags you can plant them in one school year and harvest the next. The only real maintenance that they will need is watering during daily the summer holiday - you can have a parents rota for this.
Strawberries and raspberries would be good fruit options as they will not need any attention during the holidays and can be harvested by the end of July; any later fruit a bonus for the potato waterers.

28 Nov, 2010


you could plant most fruit and veg if you could get hold of one of those self watering hoses on a timer . maybe do a school raffle or something to rase money to buy one . its just a thaught .

28 Nov, 2010


Kids love things that grow about some giant pumpkins?

29 Nov, 2010


Hi Donna I to work in early years, we grow, potatoes,pumkins, lettuce and raddish ,beetroot and tomatoes. If you go to the website digin you will find info for schools. Have fun

29 Nov, 2010

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