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By Suzdel

Ontario, Canada Ca

Do you have any ideas for plants that I can use in the space right under my front window south facing? It is only about 5' wide by 3'. I would like to use evergreens for low maintenance. Right now I have a juniper and a small round variegated bush but it's looking really plain.
Thank you
Toronto, Can.




Hello Suzzane, its such a small area that the shrubs you put in will quickly outgrow the space, just a couple of sugestions for you here, one you could gravel the small area and stand a jumble of different pots with various foliage plants that will give you height at the back of the wall under the bay window by doing it this way you are more in control of this area and no root problems also it gives you the chance to not only use evergreens which you could put there through the winter but to put plants even perennials that will flower there heads off through the summer, like i say this way your in control, pot a clematis up trail it under the window and up the side, how about fushias, a couple of pots of patio rose's, apot or two of herbs inc lavender, rosemarry, and purple and yellow sage, done properly this would look great a mass of foliage and flowers, wow, and this could be mirroed on the side wall on the approach to your door, the only down side to this is keeping them watered if your away for a while. option two what about a tapestry of heathers inc small feature for height and inc ericacious compost to the soil and plenty of old pine needles, hope this helps Julien

28 Nov, 2010


Whatever is put there will need regular watering including the existing shrubs as the eves extend over the wee plot so it will not get rained on. I'd go the route of several troughs/containers you could move around.

28 Nov, 2010


i think the pot idea is good julien and maybe for balance put some pots on the right near the wall as you walk up to the front door for balance perhaps.

28 Nov, 2010


I think if this lovely spot where mine Suzdel. I would add Skimmia and Pieris they are small evergreen and flower in the spring/summer, its a small space so easy to add the right compost, I would put a bench along the big wall and hanging baskets and pots either side and also leave the pot where they are at present. I would be tempted to put a light beside the front door so I could light it up sometimes too. Welcome to GOY. You might also like to look at what other members have done with their fronts on 'Front garden' and 'Front door ideas'? Just schroll to the bottom of the page and click on a letter to take you to categories. I do hope you find something you can adapt for your own individual front?

29 Nov, 2010


You could try a Nandina in the pot on the left, which would hide the drainpipe. It could eventually grow to 5 ft, but has lovely random colours (green, red, bronze) all year. Because of the eaves, you'll need something like this that doesn't mind a bit of drought.

29 Nov, 2010


Some great suggestions that I never even thought of. And now that I look at the picture I really notice that drain pipe that I'll be covering up.
Many thanks to you all.


2 Dec, 2010

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