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We have grown 2 varieties fo potatoes ( I can't remember which)on our allotment this year and although we got what looked like a good crop the potatoes are not fit to eat. Once they are boiled or par-boiled (for roasting) they just turn almost straigtaway to a horrible mush. Do you think this is the variety, which if it is is no good for anyhthing or our growing method or conditions.



Hi Jude and welcome to GoY, I think it is far more likely to be the drought last summer which has resulted in a lot of folk having very dry potatoes. When you boil them they absorb too much water and turn to mush. Try steaming them or roasting without parboiling first.

30 Nov, 2010


Many of us have the same problem, the simple answer to roasting is not to par boil them. Simmer if you wish to keep them whole as boiled potatoes or cook them with their skins on. The main reason for the potatoes being floury is that they didn't have enough water in the growing season, if you grow the same varieties next year it may be different. Your soil is probably light as ours is in the Woking bowl.

30 Nov, 2010


Snap Mg, posting at the same time.

30 Nov, 2010


At least we are saying the same thing Dr B :-)

30 Nov, 2010

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