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Can we send photos in a private message?



No, Great, there's no option to do that as far as I'm aware.

1 Dec, 2010


No but you could include a link which they could copy and paste.

1 Dec, 2010


Anchorman can you tell this wooly mamoth how to include a link, please.

1 Dec, 2010


Erm I'm with you stroller how do I include a link. Im not technicol you know lol

1 Dec, 2010


The photo would need to be on the internet already . eg you could have a photo you've uploaded to GoY .You would then copy that photos link to a private message and the recipient would copy and paste the link into their brouser (web address bar at top of page) and they could then see the photo.

An even better method is to use a photo sharing site like Flickr. . It's free to use for the first 200 photos and only £15 per year for unlimited use.

Basically you upload a photo to flickr and when you have the photo on screen you copy the link at the top of the page to anyone you want to see it. They click on the link you've sent them and the photo will appear.

Here's a link to flickr's facts pages.

You'll need to copy and paste it into the address bar at the top of your screen to see it .( If you don't know how to copy and paste the link here's how... put the cursor at the beginning of the link you want to copy and click and hold down the left button on your mouse. Still holding the
left button down drag the cursor over the link and you'll see it will turn blue . Let go of the left button and the link will stay blue. Now left click the "edit" button at the top
lhs of the screen... a drop down box will appear. Click copy . That will now be ready to paste into either an emial or private message or anywhere else you want to put it and then click edit and paste and the link will appear.

It sound terribly complicated but it takes half a second once you've mastered it.

With email and many other sites( but unfortunately not "Grows on You" ) you won't need to copy and paste the link. You would just click it and the photo will appear.

It's hard to explain but very easy to do. If you haven't followed what I've said ask a teenager they'll do it in a flash! :^)

Flickr is excellent . You can upload all your photos to your section of flickr and people can look at them from anywhere in the world. You can set privacy levels so only those you want to see specific photos can see them.

It acts as a back up because if your computer was destroyed your photos would still be safe on the internet.

Here's a link to my part of Flickr. Have a look around. Click a few buttons and you'll see all the facilities

Just click on any photo and it will enlarge

Rereading this you may not understand some of the terms I've used and it is quite difficult to describe simply . The best way would be to ask someone who can show you on your computer. It is very easy but like anything impossible if you don't know how!


1 Dec, 2010


once the item you want is highlighted you can use ctrl and c together and that copies and then ctrl and v for paste. quicker than the drop down menu.

2 Dec, 2010


Thanks SBG that sounds easier.
Thanks Ancorman I dont know much about flicker

2 Dec, 2010


I agree with Anchorman, that Flickr is a very good option. The pictures are much better than Facebook, even with their recent upgrade. When you sign up, they will give you the URL info you can send to people so they can access your public photos. If they subscribe to your site, they will be e-mailed when you add more pictures, with an easy click URL.

2 Dec, 2010


thanks Wylieinthea

2 Dec, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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