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By Zoerudd

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I am trying to sell 2 cactus'. they are both over 6ft tall. Does anyone know how I would go about selling these?



Advertise in your local paper or on local websites...

1 Dec, 2010


Buyer collects?

1 Dec, 2010



1 Dec, 2010


Try selling on EBay with postage I bought a nectarine tree and it was about 6ft(see my pics) and it cost me about £12 in postage which was worth paying considering the amount that I saved on the tree compared with our local garden centre also if you do list let me know as I could be interested

1 Dec, 2010


Do you really think a 6 foot cactus would survive any means of commercial transportation? 'Cause I don't!

1 Dec, 2010


It would take extremely good packing, and a gentle and relatively quick shipping company. Also beware of hard freezes enroute.

2 Dec, 2010

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