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ho0w do i kill ivy.



with difficulty is the answer.
If practical cut the main stem close to the ground and then apply a root/stump killer to it. Keep an eye out for small seedlings and pull them up as soon as you can find them. any growth fro the stump needs pulling/treating asap.

2 Dec, 2010


We once got rid of one by spraying with a *strong* systemic weed killer (the stuff you get from Wilkos just won't do it) then pushing the sprayed areas into plastic bags which were tied round to stop the weed killer evaporating before it got well and truly into the system. As Seaburngirl says, it is difficult she should perhaps have said 'very difficult'. But after about 5 or 6 applications at about 3 week intervals ours went. Good luck.

3 Dec, 2010

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