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Can anyone Identify this bush

Portugal Pt

I got this plant from a car boot sale here in Portugal a few years ago. it has large felty leaves and is just coming into flower. The flowers are small and yellow, with no scent, but the bees love them. Many thanks if you can help identify it. I enclose updated photograph, flowers appear on the end of the red branches




Do you think that you could post a close-up photo of the leaves and flowers? It might help.

20 Jan, 2008


take a close up of a leaf & the flower & I'll show it to my horticultural expert

22 Jan, 2008


Could this be Angelica Gigas? The only thing that makes me wonder is the shape of the leaf, angelica leaves tend to be more divided

24 Jan, 2008


No Angela, it's not angelica. Algardener says the flowers are yellow and the angelica has dark purple flowers. And as you say, the leaves are wrong.

25 Jan, 2008


Now I'm wondering if you've got a kalanchoe? What do our resident houseplant residents think?

25 Jan, 2008


no it isn't a kalanchoe. It is about 4 feet wide and five foot high, and the leaves are about 6 inches wide


25 Jan, 2008


Hi Algardener, could you describe the plant for us? What do the leaves feel like, are they thick or thin and papery? The flowers look red on the picture, I assume they open up and turn yellow, what time of year do they do this? Is it perennial and has it popped up year after year. What do the stems feel like, woody or succulent. I have found a Kalanchoe leaf which is an acidy yellow colour like the ones on Algardeners picture Andrew. By the way I'm Andrea not Angela LOL

26 Jan, 2008


Oops, sorry Andrea

26 Jan, 2008


Hi Algardener, does this look anything like it? It is Alchemillia Vulgaris - This is the like long one I know!

26 Jan, 2008

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