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By Rogi

NRW, Germany De

Hallo to you all on this very cold saturday morning. This shrub is flowering in my garden at the moment, can somebody please tell me what it is, thanks for your answers.




looks to me like a vibernum bod.....something haha.Bet someone shoots me down though:)

4 Dec, 2010


Hallo Scabiousshe...looking through the photos in the index here it certainly looks like a vibernum bod. The thing is that I only took the etc in august this year so I have no idea what all the plants etc are as I didnĀ“t plant them. Thanks for your help.

4 Dec, 2010


Viburnum bodnantenese. It's named after a big house (Bodnant Hall) which is in the Conwy Valley in North Wales. It has a big, famous garden which is open to the public - Bodnant Garden. See

4 Dec, 2010


Hallo Beattie. Thanks for the interesting information, one learns something new everyday. I think that in the time that I lived in the UK I went to Wales once, although it is not far from my birthplace of the county of Rutland. It was on an "outwardbound" from school...camping in tents etc etc, a great 4 days as far as I can remember.

4 Dec, 2010


I only had the good guess Rogi because I have one in my garden although it has never really come to much.Now I know what the flowers should look like. I rarely answer questions only ask them.
Thats interesting Beattie...never realised that was why it was named.Then again I am lucky if I know the common name.Bamboo told me the importance of the latin name also, as it really tells you about the plant...... don't think I will ever remember them though

4 Dec, 2010


You're welcome! :-)

4 Dec, 2010


There are three forms of Viburnum x bodnantense, Dawn, Charles Lamont and Deben. The difference is in the pinkness of the flowers. Charles Lamont has the deepest pink and Deben fades very rapidly to white. The original cross was made at Edinbrugh Botanic Garden by Charles Lamont, but he did not think much of them and did not propagate. Charles Puddle did the cross again at Bodnant and selected Dawn to propagate. Lamont then looked at his seedlings again and selected Charles Lamont.Deben came from a similar cross made by Notcutts some time later.

4 Dec, 2010


think mine is Dawn Owdboggy... I am in awe not only of your knowledge but that of those that get all these clever

4 Dec, 2010


One of the National Collections of Viburnums is not far away from us and we were lucky enough to be in a group which was invited to go round it. Naturally we bought the book!

4 Dec, 2010


are these the viburnums that smell so delicious, or is that something called Daphne?
I ask as an add-on to this handy photo because sometimes when I walk to work I pass a shrub that looks like this and can never resist a good sniff!

5 Dec, 2010


Most, but not all Viburnums have a strong pleasant scent. Daphnes too have a strong scent.

6 Dec, 2010

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