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A friend of mine who is eighty has a bonsai and she is confused as to why it is suddenly dying after four years. It has quite a lot of leaves on top but it is just twigs underneath. She said it is a Japenese Privet, can anyone offer some advise please. Hope you are all still enjoying the summer regardless of the weather. Regards Sue



Hi Sue - is the tree getting enough water? Being in a small pot, they dry out very easily. Has it ever been repotted? I've never had one, but I believe they are root pruned and repotted every couple of years to maintain vigour. Try giving it a nice foliar feed - it might pick up - and then repot it in autumn/winter when it is dormant. I should say I'm, just guessing here - perhaps another member can give more precise advice?

2 Sep, 2008


Thank you very much for your reply, i will pass any information on to my friend. Sue

2 Sep, 2008

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