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Free seeds anyone? I have about 30 packets of seed to give away: first come, first served if anyone would like some. Just PM me your address and say which you'd like. Orlaya Grandiflora; Alpine strawberry; Bronze fennel; Sweet Rocket; Kale; Radicchio Chicory.



thats a gernerous offer, but I will have to pass as i wont have space for them.

9 Dec, 2010


I would love some bronze fennel please Sheila, how very kind of you. I will pm you now.

10 Dec, 2010


Thank you Sheilabub,i would love to have some sweet rocket seeds. I will pm my address now.

10 Dec, 2010


No problem Grandmage and Rohima. I was sent quite a number from "Gardens Illusrated" for my gardening group, but it seems not many of them grow plants from seed, hence I have plenty left over!

10 Dec, 2010


Thanks so much :~)

10 Dec, 2010


Thanks, Granmage, if you have any left I'd like to try out the Alpine strawberry seeds. I'll PM you my address. It's so good of you to offer them to us. :-))

11 Dec, 2010


Balcony, Sheila is the lady you need for the seeds!!! Lol

12 Dec, 2010


Sorry about the confusion, Grandmage! I must have clicked on the wrong avatar! *embarrassed smile*

Sheila, I'd like to try out the Alpine strawberry seeds, if you have any left. I'll PM you my address. It's so good of you to offer us them. :-))

I didn't know Orlaya Grandiflora so I've just done a search & I find its common name is "White Lace Flower". So, if it's not too much trouble & you've got any left, could you please send me a packet of these, too?

Thanks very much. I've sent you a PM with my name & address.

12 Dec, 2010


No trouble at all, Balcony, they're on their way!

13 Dec, 2010


Thanks very much, Sheila. Looking forward to growing them. :-))

13 Dec, 2010


Thanks for sending the seeds, Sheila, they arrived in the post this morning!

I shall start off some of the Alpine Strawberry seeds after the New Year is out of the way. The White Lace seeds I shall wait till Spring has sprung before sowing them!

A belated birthday wish! :-)) Hope you were able to enjoy the day even if the postman wasn't able to deliver your birthday cards.

20 Dec, 2010

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