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By Johnjoe

Ireland Ie

I think my Aloe Vera plant needs re-potting .It is 23" high sitting from the top of the compost it also has a shoot about 9" high growing in a 11" pot.What size pot would you recommend? I would be ever so grateful -----Jonnjoe.




Like most succulent's JJ it's their rest period of the year, reduced watering & frost free etc. Your plant with pup looks super healthy so re-potting can be postponed till late Spring. If it's root bound then one option is to remove the pup & pot on in smaller container & replant the adult with fresh gritty compost in it's present pot which looks the perfect size for the moment. However, due to the fact that you can expect more pups next year & you want to grow the Aloe as a group then for sure a larger pot is the way to go. Superb plant . Top-Tip : rule of thumb is NOT to water cactus/succulents for 2 or 3 weeks after re-potting. Allows broken roots time to dry reducing the risk of rot.

9 Dec, 2010


Hi Bampy thank you for your good advice.I am not sure if it is pot bound there are no roots coming from the bottom of the pot. I will take your advice and leave it be. Last year I cut some stems from the bottom as they turned yellow It is kept in my front porch from Spring to Autumn.Witch is facing north so it get no sun put plenty of light. The highest temp would only reach 21c.

On watering I let it dry out then water with about 1 litre of water no feed.I don't know if i am doing right as i do get a little yellowing on some of the stems tips. As the porch is only 20" wide and the tips of the stems are touching the wall. Maybe that is the reason for it what would you think.

Thanking you once agan Jj

10 Dec, 2010


So far so good JJ, you can feed your plant with special 'cactus food' in the Spring as directed on the tub, not too much though as it's best to grow cacti & succulents 'hard' or they can become too soft & not do so well in the winter.
I would not pour 1 litre of water on your Aloe at the moment, it's resting until April/May. Keep it on the cool & dry side. Older leaves will start to change colour as they make way for the new one's which is normal. Best wish's.

10 Dec, 2010


Thank Bampy.

10 Dec, 2010



10 Dec, 2010

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