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Weeping Birches

Northants, United Kingdom Gb

I have 4 young weeping birches close to a garden wall and pavement. There may also be underground drainage or sewage structures. Will the roots of these trees cause damage?
I am also wondering how quickly the roots will develop



How close is close? Measure across the widest part of the canopy of the trees and this is about how much the roots will spread out. This will give you some idea of whether the trees are too close to the drains etc. You could ask for the council 'expert' to come and have a look to advise you where the drains run outside. They may be in the road, not under the pavement. Fingers crossed!

3 Sep, 2008


Thank you

3 Sep, 2008


My feeling is that the trees are probably too close to both the garden wall and pavement. I will check on the drains etc. Many thank for your advice.

3 Sep, 2008


Also bear in mind that if they are young trees, then their roots will definitely spread as the trees grow, and at the same rate as the canopies. Sounds a bit as if they are in the wrong place - sorry.

3 Sep, 2008

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