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how do you link the plants in the garden? i have listed my plants but it says i have to link them ~ please can someone explain how to do this ~ i cant see any button that makes sense??



This is - If you post a photo of your plant you can link it up (if you wish) with your written plant list and they then appear together on that list
I find this useful when looking at members plants - if I dont know the plant its helpful to also have the picture with the description. You seem to have tried this with your Pieris entry ST.

12 Dec, 2010


the pieris is a mistake ~ i dont know how that picture got on there ~ i found it today but i dont know how to get rid of it!!
so the linking is done via the photos? photo first then link ~ is that right?
thanks drc
wish i had found GoY a few years ago!!

12 Dec, 2010


It's very easy, Stickitoffee. As Drc has said ... first you add a plant to your garden page, then when you upload a photo you can link it to the plant that's listed on your garden page.

On the add photo page you'll see one section that says 'link photo to a plant in your garden'. You'll get a drop down menu when you click on the little blue arrow and you just click on the appropriate plant.

12 Dec, 2010


I always put the written entry in the plant list first (it does not seem to work for me the other way round).The when I add a photo I scroll down and it says 'Link photo to a plant in your garden?' click on that and again scroll down until you find the name of your plant. If its a photo already on, go to the photo and to edit underneath and it will come up that way to.
Like you I have been unable to remove photos from my plant list - so I delete the entry and then put it back on minus the photo.
Yes I love this site too.
OOPs sorry we posted at the same time B.

12 Dec, 2010


Hope it works for you. Never managed to do it yet!

12 Dec, 2010


great ~ many thanks! may take a while ~ have to photo all the plants!!

12 Dec, 2010

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