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what to plant?


By Slm

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I have dug a new circular bed in my North facing front garden (open to the East and West) 160cm diameter and 2 meters from the house. What should I plant I would like to make a partial screen so could do with a centre plant 1.5 m high would a tall grass or bamboo be possible?
I also have a boarder in my south facing back garden which has been full of summer flowers like californian poppies, candula and cosmos what should I replace them with for an autumn show and if possible something for winter. It dose have shrubs as well holly, privet, hydranger.



Winter Pansies and Violas are lovely and you can buy them in lots of different colours. You could also plant some Primulas in there which also come in lots of different colours. Finally, there's Cyclamen available from now on. In your circular bed, beware of some varieties of Bamboo because they are invasive and will take over! You could plant a Pampas grass if the bed is big enough. What else are you intending to plant in there?

3 Sep, 2008

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