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Why has my acer lost its leaves?

lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

We have a young acer palmatum in a pot and after watering and being moved due to garden renovation the plant leaves have withered is there anything I can do

On plant Acer palmatum (Japanese maple)



Did you move it when it was dormant or in new leaf? I moved mine when dormant and has done ok. I am only a novice but a bit of tender care and it will probably come again next year.

16 May, 2007


Thankyou for answering the acer was just starting to regrow hopefully if I leave it, it will get new leaves

16 May, 2007


Hello, if you moved the acer when it's not dormant it doesn't like it, but now that it's in it's final position just leave it and next year it should have the leaves come back on :-) Just remember to cover it up with fleece should there be any frost, to protect any new buds.

17 May, 2007


Also ensure it is not in a drought - they like a bit of shelter.

17 May, 2007


struggling potted acers

we are beginners in the garden.

we have two large acers in pots.

one we think is a palmatum the other is different and we can't seem to source its name.

they seem to be in a bit of trouble. the palmatum has branches that are dying. the other one has some healty branches but other which have withered and look dead.

there was a bit of mould on the trunk earlier in the summer which we scaped off without knowing what it was?

thats beginners for you!

any experts on acers out there?



16 Aug, 2009

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