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Hi All
In the early spring I am going to be putting some fencing down the side of our decking (see my pics) to replace the privet they is going to be a gap of about 12/15 inch wide between the deck and fence will I be able to fill this with soil and grow climbers up the fence I am also looking at putting up a barrier between the timber and soil maybe plastic to protect the timber the other idea is to use long plastic tubs and run them down the gap. Any ideas would help



Suggest you use concrete gravel boards at the base of your fence, so that the wood only starts at the height of the deck - if you use slotted concrete posts of the right height, you can insert a couple of gravel boards (each is about 9 inches deep) before inserting the fencing. If that's not the kind of fencing or posts you're using, then you need to think of some way (a small wall?) of building something solid for the fence to sit on to raise it above soil level, rather than it having soil up against it.

22 Dec, 2010


I agree with Bamboo. You will need some sort of protection against the fence. With the best will in the world, a fence will not hold any weight of soil up against it for many moons. You could also use open ended containers. Tubes, just fill with soil on top of the existing soil.

23 Dec, 2010

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