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Frozen potatoes.
I put my spare spuds in the coal house to keep them in the dark. However today I have found them frozen.
when [if ....] they thaw are they still usable or will they go off?
All the veg in the greenhouse are solid too. Popped them in there to keep them cool -5 - -10 over the last few days. Not worried about these though.



Sorry to hear that, Sbg. I suspect that they will have gone off with being frozen. Our crop is in the spare bedroom (!) which is very cool but not frozen. Our other vegetables are 'out there somewhere'. Sounds stupid, but we are buying veggies rather than picking frozen greens or disturbing the ground.

23 Dec, 2010


I thought that might be the case for the spuds. As for the other veg I'm not overly concerned. cooked carrots and leeks that were frozen in the greenhouse. they were both fine.

thanks for the response Ba.
Hope you and mrs ba have a pleasant and cosy christmas. Both stay snug and warm up in the frozen north. I probably wont get the time to come on GoY tomorrow.

23 Dec, 2010


Have a good Christmas SBG, if your potatoes were Desiree's then they might just have survived being frozen. I remember over 30 years ago in Aberdeenshire we gleaned some in mid winter after they had been frozen - actually they were the best Desiree tatties we have ever had!

You might also be able to cook them up for the birds...

23 Dec, 2010


no idea which variety they are MG. But bird fodder is an excellent idea.

23 Dec, 2010


Frozen tatties I wish try working in Tesco car park like I do believe me its just not frozen tatties.Cook them up for the birds it’s been brill watching the robins on our bird table feed.
Merry Christmas

24 Dec, 2010


I grew several tubs of 'new 'potatoes in my greenhouse to be ready for Christmas Day, alas I had to eat them at the onset of the severe weather or they would have rotted. Carrots stored well in buckets of sand in cool outhouse and leeks are firmly frozen in situ. Will wait for thaw before I get at them. Seems a shame to be buying in veg.

24 Dec, 2010


hi seaburn girl you will know if your spuds are frosted if you cook one. When spuds frost the starch turns to sugar which makes them sweet to taste try one and see

24 Dec, 2010


I know they are frosted, they are frozen solid:o)

26 Dec, 2010

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