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Tumberlina petunias cuttings died


By Patrick

Fife Scotland, United Kingdom Gb

I took cuttings from main plant in October, dipped them in rooting powder ( BIO Strike) then in to miracle-gro all purpose compost. put cuttings in to heated propagator all died of at stem

On plant Petunia



The best thing to do with annual plants like these is to grow them from seed, they are made to seed, germinate, grow, flower and sow seed in one year. Taking cuttings from annual plants are best achieved from more fibrous woody stems, well that is my personal experience, stems from plants like petunia an surfina tend to rot. Popping them in rooting powder is a good idea, but planting them in multipurpose compost can sometimes be too over powering for cuttings or seeds as it is full of nutrients that are best suited to more mature plants. Because the stems are weak, the condensation build up in the propagater may have rotted them, or it was a lack of water? Next time I would grow them from seed, or if you want to try cuttings again, put them in some propagation gel indoors and when the roots are strong pot them on and keep them in a frost free environment. Hope this helps

24 Jan, 2008


Hi Andrearichter, Thanks for your help, Was not aware you could get seed from (hhp) petunia tumberlina, Catalogue only has them as raised from cuttings. Will try cuttings again but with propagation gel,( Not tried it before). Thanks again Much Appreciated.

24 Jan, 2008


HI, (hhp) petunia tumberlina,Catalogue only raised from cuttings.Will try cutting with propagation gel, (Not tried it) Thanks again much appreciated

24 Jan, 2008

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