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Keeping gnats away from houseplants?


By Jenbee

Ohio, United States Us

Hi, I am still having trouble with the gnats on houseplants...and I hate bugs!! I wiped down the leaves and that seemed to help for a few days but then I started to notice more gnats appearing. Today I changed the potting soil and got rid of as much of the old soil as I could and replaced it with miracle gro potting soil. I noticed little tiny round moving insects in the old soil. Are these the gnat larvae or a whole other problem? I have been trying to not overwater, but I think I am a compulsive overwaterer...can I just mist the plants? I think this may help me limit the amount of water in the soil. Any other tips for keeping away the pests? Thanks:o)



hi Janbee, is this the same flys that you spoke about before? - because it does sound like damp flees, they are not harmful but they do signify that you have overwatered, repotting should resolve the problem, as long as you don't overwater again. most house plants do prefer to be a little bit on the dry side anyway, and most will tell you if they are not getting enough, in which case increase the amount you give - but little and often is better than lots all at once. oh and take them out of any baskets that they are planted in and remove moss from the surface if you have it! good luck.

24 Jan, 2008


Yes, they are the same bugs as before. I will resist the urge to water them all the time...I guess more is not always better! Thanks for the all the advice!!

24 Jan, 2008


yep - less is best!

25 Jan, 2008


Sounds like fungus gnat to me. very commoon in all house plants. I try to eradicate them by adding Malathion to the when I water or better still make up a bucket of mixture and immerse pot in it.

15 Feb, 2008


What is malathion? Can i get it at any garden store? Thanks!

16 Feb, 2008


Malathion is an insecticide. Any parent with small kids at school now will know it as it is one of the principle ingredientts in many head lice treatments.
As for UK suppliers I don't know where it's available but I'm sure one of our lovely group will. Good luck with the gnats

16 Feb, 2008


You can buy little cardboard plant pegs impregnated with an insecticide that you just push into the soil they come in an orange packet.
Or we found a light sprinkle af ant powder worked but you might want to put them away from people/pets while it works then you can take the top soil and powder off and replace with new soil.

1 Mar, 2008

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