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while out walking in the peaks in late summer i collected some buds from a wild climbing rose ive dried out the seeds and stored them in a dry place would i have any succes in germinating them if so can anybody tell me how



Whether they will germinate or not will depend on if they were ripe when you collected them Gaz. If the hips were bright red and hard then the seed was possibly not yet ready but if they were a dark maroon coloure and partly rotten then they would have been.
However, you have already done the first bit so why not 'sow and see' anyway. I would fill a pot with a mixture of mulitipurpose compost and gritty sand (50/50) and sow the seed on top of this. As the seed is dry, moisten it overnight in the kitchen in a saucer of water with a splash of washing up liquid to ensure that the seed does get wet. The following day, sow on top of the compost and cover with a thin layer of similar compost or grit. Label the pot and put it outdoors somewhere out of the full sun. The seed may not germinate this year so don't let it dry out.

1 Jan, 2011


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1 Jan, 2011

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