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Mould on Cordylines....:-((

Firstly, can I say "Happy New Year" to all the GOYers for 2011.

I wrapped my Cordylines in fleece some weeks ago and did not remove it until today. I have never done so before but, having lost a couple last year, I thought I would not take any chances.

One is particularly affected by a white mould pattern all over the leaves. Will this affect the plant adversely...or will it disappear in time?

Thank you for any responses!



No idea, Izzy - hopefully its just a result of its being wrapped up without any airflow for so long. Keeping them wrapped can cause problems, which is why the fleece should be removed whenever possible during milder spells - which is all very well, but only if we have milder spells, of course! I'd just wait and see if it disappears before threatening it with fungicide at this time of year.

2 Jan, 2011


Hi Bamboo! I thought you'd reply.... Happy New Year!
Yes, I am sure it's just a result of being so closely wrapped. I intended to unwrap periodically but the temperatures did not improve until recently. I wondered about the fungicide spray which I have.....but was reluctant to do so until I saw what was happening....will leave well alone in the meantime!

2 Jan, 2011

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