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By Annella

Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a 10 year old Escallonia laevis 'Gold Brian' in my front garden that was pretty much untouched by last years winter but after December's deep freeze every leaf has dropped off. They remained golden in colour. Is there any chance it will come back to life in spring and could age have played a part?

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With any luck, the roots are still functioning - it's not unusual, in severe weather, for Escallonia to drop their leaves. Most are simply frost hardy rather than fully hardy, and their initial response might well be to drop their leaves, particularly this year because the sudden appearance of arctic conditions so early in the winter was such a shock. At least last year, it happened later so plants had a chance to acclimatise to the steadily dropping temperatures in the run up to the first snow. Wait till spring is well and truly here and see what happens - you may need to cut back to where new growth occurs, or you might find it all shoots perfectly well, or you may have to cut it right back to any live wood, even if that's near the ground.

6 Jan, 2011


Thanks Bamboo, it's the first time I have seen this happen.

6 Jan, 2011


Doesn't happen often, because we don't usually have such severe weather conditions, particularly so early in the winter - but it is known they can do this. let's hope its not been completely killed...

6 Jan, 2011


I had "Gold Brian" for years and in last years hard winter not only did all the leaves drop off( first time ever) but all the branches died.

I cut it off to a stump only 2 inches above the ground in early spring and it regenerated from this to a fairly bushy foot high sphere.

Motto - never give up hope!


6 Jan, 2011


Thanks Anchor :-))

6 Jan, 2011

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