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By Alextb

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I have the two trees in the pictures below. Should they be repotted for the best results in years to come, and if so, when should this be done?

1) Christmas Coifer (Taken when it fell due to being top heavy.)
2) Lemon Cypress (from an old Spring Planter I bought in February last year.)

Any advice welcome

Thanks in advance

Tree2 Tree1



First one, I'm pretty sure, is picea glauca 'Albertiana Conica', the second looks like cupressus macrocarpa 'Goldcrest. Both can be left in their pots until the weather warms up, suggest March time, then can be potted on. I would use a soil based compost (JI 3). Worthy

6 Jan, 2011


Thanks Worthy

6 Jan, 2011


Goldcrest tend to grow very quick and before you know it the goldcrest will outgrow the pot as well as putting its roots through the pot and into the ground, and if you plant it in the border then consider its position and the surrounding plants, it will soon put on a lot of girth, which you can clip with shears to reduce its spread, done properly you can keep its natural shape,however if you prefer you can toperise it, let it grow to a desired height and create a standard, but after a few years they tend to get past their sell by date unless you have an area to let it romp away, one of the gardens i look after which is two acres has a forty foot goldcrest with a girth of ten feet, looks wonderfull, i clip it every two years.Julien

6 Jan, 2011


Thanks Julien

7 Jan, 2011

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