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I have varied plants in my home such as a cyclamen, climbing green ivy, christmas cactus, a diplandenia hybrid,a culphea hyssopifolia. I would like some information on how to keep, look after them etc maybe a good book any offers



for the cyclamen I feed it every 3 weeks while in flower. I remove dead flowers regularly. It gets watered fro the bottom and after fowering I reduce water/feed and by may it often has little going for it and I reduce water until it is dormant. I then pop the pot in the cool coalhouse and in August I repot in fresh compost and start watering it. then it flowers again nov-march. I have one that is 25yrs old.

Christmas cactus water & feed while in flower and then april/may I reduce water and rarely water at all from june- aug. I then start to increase watering and buds start to form in Nov ready for christmas. They live on a east/west facing windowsill.

dont grow the others sorry.
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7 Jan, 2011

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