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I have a staghorn that I got a couple weeks ago. I couldn't figure out exactly which species it is. It was just purchased at a regular garden centre, so I assume it to be one of the more common species. I'm worried about it. The leaves seem to be yellowing somewhat and one at the bottom has completely yellowed. My house does not have a great deal of light. A large NE facing window and a large SW facing one. The air is quite dry and unfortunately the plants need to be very close to the heating vents as these are directly under the windows. I purchased a humidifier and have been using that for a few hours a day. Originally I was spritzing the plant once a day. I've watered it well only once since I got it because I read that they don't require a lot of water.

Please help! What's going on with my fern? Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix it? I'm really attached to this plant!!



could you move the plant to a different place? in their natural habitat ferns tend to like cool moist places?? maybe you could put some pebbles in a bowl at the bottom with water in and sit the plant pot on top of that ~ it would give a little more moisture

7 Jan, 2011


We used to keep our staghorn fern in the bathroom where it was generally cool and at times humid. They don't need a vast amount of light and having anywhere near a heating vent is going to stress the plant.

7 Jan, 2011


Yes it does sound to be the wrong location and temperature for it. At a local garden, the ferns are kept in a cool greenhouse all winter, the stagshorns against the wall at the back, so they are in dim light too.

7 Jan, 2011


Thanks ladies! I will follow your suggestions and see how she does. :)

8 Jan, 2011

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