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In have wild flower garden and love poppies, i have sown hundreds of poppie seeds but never a poppy grows what is wrong? do I need alkaline soil as i believe that my soil is slightley acidic , is so what can I do to grow poppies?



clear small patches of soil of any grass etc. mix poppy seeds with some multi purpose compost and sprinkle on the surface of the soil. dont bury the seed as they need light to help germination. Or sow on surface of pots of compost and when growing well plant the whole pot[but not the pot] in the grass.
welcoe to GoY too.

7 Jan, 2011


my soil is slightly acidic and happily grows those little welsh yellow poppies ~ they pop up all over the garden year after year
i have also taken seeds from poppies in my sons garden and they have grown
i grew some from seed last year which were not as good as the packet led me to believe but im hoping that perhaps those few will have self seeded
i did buy a garden gnome poppy last year from the garden centre and that was very entertaining ~ it had different colours on
welcome to GoY ~ hope the poppies grow better this year

7 Jan, 2011


A couple of years ago, I found a packet of Shirley Poppies that I'd forgotten about. I just sprinkled them around the garden, even where there were pebbles, and forgot them.
Needless to say they took their chance and were absolutely beautiful in the Summer......papery satin blooms in every delicate shade. Like most wild flowers, poor soil, good drainage and sun and they'll be away!

Theres a couple of pics on page 53 of my photos.

7 Jan, 2011


I absolutely love poppies too. Have you noticed how the wild ones appear along the roadside where the ground has been disturbed? I read somewhere that poppy seed can lay dormant for many many years and then suddenly germinate after soil disturbance.
I have tried scattering poppy seed but don't have too much luck that way except with the big opium poppies which were here when I came and look after themselves. Some years they take over and other years there are very few. I had the best dainty, frilly annual poppies when I ignored the instruction to sow direct and used seed trays, transplanting them when big enough.
I don't know how much the soil matters. I think they grow pretty well on any poor soil. Are you giving them too much nourishment? I'd be inclined to try sowing some in several sunny spots and sowing more in a seed tray and see what happens.

8 Jan, 2011

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