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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I have a Primula Obconica, and even though it is a houseplant, the tag states that during the Summer it should be placed outside, before being brought back inside.

Does anyone have any idea what months should be spent indoors and which ones outdoors, or would it just depend on what the weather is like and make a judgement that way?

Any advice welcome

Thanks in advance.




in the past I have put it out in June after last frost [hopefully] then brought it back in late august/sept. though I didnt think it was worth the effort when they are relatively inexpensive plants.

7 Jan, 2011


In London, where you live, it should be fine from the end of May to September. As Seaburn says, wait till after the last frost, then bring it in again before the temperature drops.

7 Jan, 2011


The reason that they are not grown as a garden plant is because they are frost tender but they do like a moister atmosphere than you get in a house. Therefore, putting them out when they won't get frosted will help build them up for the next winter.

7 Jan, 2011


Thanks for the advive you 3.

7 Jan, 2011

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