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I have been given a Wisteria pod. Before I break out the seed, I'd be very grateful for instructions for best germination. If I put it in a pot of multipurpose, would it then be best outdoors or somewhere warmer?



do seeds have to have a dormant season when they spend time in a cold environment? i remember reading that apple seeds germinate best if kept in a fridge for several weeks before planting.
im not too good at working my ipod ~ dont know about wisteriapods either ~ sorry.

7 Jan, 2011


Wisteria don't seem to need that stratification process. Rather, they just need a damp compost, and some heat, and will germinate in a week or two. Try soaking it overnight first, then sowing it. Protect the baby 'til he/she can go out, or wait until April to sow him/her. Flower might be 'ordinary'. Be prepared for a long wait until flowering - might be a few minutes! (About 8 - 10 years!) Worthy

7 Jan, 2011


Thanks Worthy and Sticki. (I don't even have an ipod Sticki, so you could probably call me "pod-ignorant").

A week or two sounds amazing Worthy . . . I can't possibly wait until April! I'll let you know . . .

7 Jan, 2011

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