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Do I clear up the leaves?

Just before christmas the temperature dropped quickly, the snow fell and the rest of the leaves fell off the trees ~ now the flower beds are covered in a deep layer of leaves. Im not sure now whether i should leave them as protection for the growing plants or to clear them up so there are less places for the slugs and snails to hide.
Which is best: to clear up the leaves or leave them?



I'm a wildlife friendly gardener so I'd leave them as they're good places for insects to hide under and the birds will get a good feed.

7 Jan, 2011


Leave them on the garden to give more protection against cold weather to come, if they weren't there you would still have slugs and snails also other pests to attack your plants. If they are on the lawn clear them up as they will rob the grass of light.

7 Jan, 2011


I agree with Dr B leave on the flower and veggie beds.

8 Jan, 2011


ok, thank you ~ and take them away as the weather get milder? march?

8 Jan, 2011


With any luck the worms will have got rid of some of them by then!

8 Jan, 2011


I'd just let them be as Pennyf. says the worms will take them down into the soil.

8 Jan, 2011

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