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By Janpled

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a lavender hedge which is well passed its best. Normally I prune it in the Autumn and it flowers ok the next season. However this autumn I decided not to prune it as I would remove it in the New Year. One of my children has decided to get married at home this July. If I leave it in situ and prune in the Spring will it flower? otherwise if I remove it there will be a bare hedgerow, or can you suggest a fast growing replacement



It should flower. Just prune lightly, only cutting back the old flower stalk and a little lower into the upper part of last years shoot where the pairs of leaves start to bunch up closer together. Hopefully this cold winter so far will not have caused too much damage!

8 Jan, 2011


As long as it isn't L. stoechas: that has a tendency to only flower in the spring.

9 Jan, 2011


Not in the Uk Tug :-)

9 Jan, 2011


thanks Fractal, I will lightly prune it as you suggest

10 Jan, 2011


Thanks, Fractal! That's good to know. It's frustrating to buy a beautiful mass of color in the spring, and then wonder the rest of the year, "Why did I get this, anyway?" If we deadhead promptly, we can sometimes get a weak second bloom before the heat sends it into dormancy, but it absolutely refuses to bloom in the fall and winter when it does most of its growing, here. True French Lavender (L. dentata) never stops blooming, but it's nowhere near as showy!

11 Jan, 2011


Sadly the dentata types succumb to both cold and winter wet over here :-(

Arizona eh, are you in the southern lowland area or the Flagstaff plateau?

11 Jan, 2011


Southern lowland, downtown Phoenix, to be exact. EXTREMELY hot summers, with humidity and occasional thunderstorms in July and August. Mild winters with occasional two-day drizzles. Our climate includes some of the best and worst of the subtropics and the Mediterranean.

11 Jan, 2011

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